Introducing myself to the MEDIUM community

HELLO .. hellO.. anyone out there?

I am here because I told myself I would be, and I care immensely about sharing our perspectives on every subject under the Sun. I’m particularly interested in outlier perspectives and inside information. I am a metaphysics maven hungry for energy moving through words in a way that urges and urges me to keep going, to stay open, to be in love with this experience on earth right now.

I am here to move energy in a way that feels respectful of my system.

I am here to inquire about subjects that resonate with me and channel the…

Tonight I am grateful for heartbreak. I am grateful to be slapped in the face by the exact news I did not want. I’m grateful to live by the axiom that having is evidence of wanting and to know that some part of me, however small, did indeed want this. I am grateful that I can be relieved and heartbroken simultaneously. I am grateful that the parts of me that don’t want this are not mad at the parts of me that do. I am grateful to have been practicing being alive in this confusion.

I am grateful to let…

Tonight I am grateful for giving myself some restful days over the new moon and I am grateful to be returning to this evening ritual of speaking to myself about life unfolding and how amusing and abundant it all is… if and when I authentically choose that point of view.

I am grateful I have been cultivating this point of view where the tendrils of adoration for life reach into almost every single moment for me now. I am grateful it is rare now that I feel at odds with life.

I am grateful for the teachers I have chosen…

Tonight I am grateful to feel super confused… scrambled inside myself … like does it even matter what I choose? And I am grateful to feel SO CLEAR about how it only really matter what energy I am coming from when I choose.

I am grateful for my old habits of pushing through… and all the repercussions of this ineffective pattern.

I am grateful to have spent too many hours on the screen today and seemingly not have much to show for it… this makes me want to be a better captain.

I am grateful that there isn’t always something…

Tonight I am grateful for not trying. I’m grateful for putting in effort and showing up… without feeling like I’m trying.

I’m grateful I seek out environments that feel nourishing and override the ways I often hit walls at home in a space filled with reminders of all the things I might need to try at.

I’m grateful I love my home so much and don’t often feel like I’d rather be anywhere else … but can also give myself the movement I need to bring fresh energy to projects and people I care so immensely for.

I am grateful…

Tonight I am grateful for the comment I woke up to this morning that someone is taking pleasure or companionship in this new public endeavor. I love that last night I wondered if this is what I need to be doing… and I love how when we let ourselves genuinely wonder, the universe sends a response. I love that my desire, even in the wondering, is to continue this practice somewhere not private.

I am grateful for the invitation I received over a year ago to join a gratitude email chain and that I stayed with it for many cycles…

Tonight I am grateful for baby sleep magic… the way my kid passing out sucks me into the waking dream and I have about eight seconds to decide if I’m going to get up or not. I am grateful my life doesn’t fall apart for how many times I choose to surrender to sleep.

I am grateful not to be rushing ahead with my work and listening to the call of the universe to give myself room to uplevel internally. I am grateful for the tarot card that apparently didn’t make it into the bag yesterday and was in the…

Tonight I am grateful to feel so tired that my eyes are closing as I begin to type this final task of the day. I am grateful for the oncoming bliss of unconsciousness.

I am grateful for all the ways I grinded up against people today, though not once in the way I fancy that I most desire.

Im grateful desire is such a wild mysterious mistress, a lady of the vast unconscious only making herself known in bits and pieces mostly.

I am grateful to be working on a project about the mother wound – the byproduct of the…

Tonight I am grateful for staying up late because I am in love with my special interests and felt a potent yes yes yes to what I was doing… as opposed to a obsessive can’t stop won’t stop that I often inhabited in the past.

I am grateful for walks in the forest in the forest with sweeties both human and nonhuman and the way communication can unfurl and bend and dip and weave and meet us where we are at and stretch us all at the same time.

I am grateful for both transparency and mystery.

I am grateful…

From this space

Tonight I am grateful for a wonky start to the day, waking up feeling groovy but quickly slipping into distaste and experiencing a crunching energy wanting needing suddenly desperate to be allowed to move through my body.

I am grateful that when i resist the energy that wants to move through my body, shitty things happen that remind me to fucking listen.

I am grateful that I went out to the driveway and bleepity-bleeped at my counterpart, and that he was soft and sustained his softness until I found mine again. I am grateful I am so aware that blaming…

Kelsey Jean Marie

electric embodiment expert EXPANSION GUIDE >>>> neurodiveregence & radical compassion enthusiast >>>>> DCFO 30 day challenge >> <<<<<

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