Introducing myself to the MEDIUM community

HELLO .. hellO.. anyone out there?

I am here because I told myself I would be, and I care immensely about sharing our perspectives on every subject under the Sun. I’m particularly interested in outlier perspectives and inside information. I am a metaphysics maven hungry for energy moving through words in a way that urges and urges me to keep going, to stay open, to be in love with this experience on earth right now.

I am here to move energy in a way that feels respectful of my system.

I am here to inquire about subjects that resonate with me and channel the wisdom I hear flooding me from sources I trust.

I am here to bake naked in the sun relaxed and open energizing my vitality to sustain presence and push the boundaries.

I am here to restore many essentials in the ways humans go about engaging with life and the universe through basic practices accessible to absolutely anyone.

I am here to equalize and also to excel.

I am here to be heard, by whom, I am not particularly sure or supposed to know.

I am here to exemplify a lack of fight that displays courage morality and lawlessness that exhibits liberation in terms doable by the mass population.

I am here to be human working through the layers of inheritance and everyday experience in honest integral ways while appreciating the cosmic joke and enjoying the emotional trip it is to be this kind of body being in such an intense elusive environment of duality.

I am here to make a lot of love and a lot of waves.

I am here to scream and shake and quake with radiance.

I am here to let judgment bubble up in effervescent gratitude becoming discernment and navigate in high efficiency with an overflow of abundance and energy to offer.

I am here to be well and share wellness.

I am here to STIR SHIT UP and continuously trust my own center in the abyss of it all .. not giving in to the stretching of mind being dangerous or any potential of undoing.

I am here to be self-less.


Here’s what I wouldn’t want you to know:

I am a monster mash. So many flavors of demon have moved through me.

I sound like a nasty pirate when I am mad.

I am convincing and alluring and will eat you alive.

I feel the moon's movements rather acutely and demand those close to me relate to their emotionality… like a werewolf gang leader.

I tend to use people for connection and warmth and nourishing exchanges while at the same time I am prone to a cold, detached ability of transience, of letting you go often in order to be available for the life in every moment.

I will always be someone that can take over the room, a giant ogre whose gaseousness could knock you over or totally take you down.

I am death herself, unafraid of the dark, howling in the hysterical non-sense of poetry and dreams.

I want you to approve of me.

I want to be consumed, devoured, received.

I want you to recognize the messages moving through me and applaud but much more so integrate.

I want to tell the truth in any given moment no matter how much it hurts and I love to watch people squirm.

I gave birth twice this life so far. To a mancub and to a project called DCFO. Join our thirty day challenge to learn more.

I also have a WordPress blog called GOOD SLUT: Open Heart Open Mind. Here I will cultivate a portfolio. Good Slut, to me, suggests enlightenment — radical compassion in ultimate acceptance. It’s a hot n heavy kind of thing.

I often send clients to Antidote Aesthetic on YouTube to tap into accessible quick practices for life-altering results. Check out Six Minute Shake Down if you want to get a little high on your own self. Also find tapping videos and guided meditations, talks with other aliens, and me freaking out and rambling on.

I run:

Night Vision — fearless living — existential kink —the razor’s edge of enlightenment and madness — stories from our travels

Big Feelings Bold Flavours— neurodiverse feedback — flow state — everyday enlightenment — the DCFO publication

Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.

electric embodiment expert EXPANSION GUIDE >>>> neurodiveregence & radical compassion enthusiast >>>>> DCFO 30 day challenge >> www.antidoteaesthetic.com <<<<<

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