Introducing myself to the MEDIUM community

HELLO .. hellO.. anyone out there?

I am here because I told myself I would be, and I care immensely about sharing our perspectives on every subject under the Sun. I’m particularly interested in outlier perspectives and inside information. I am a metaphysics maven hungry for energy moving through words in a way that urges and urges me to keep going, to stay open, to be in love with this experience on earth right now.

I am here to move energy in a way that feels respectful of my system.

I am here to inquire about subjects that resonate with me and channel the…

Tonight I am grateful for a burning candle on a makeshift alter at b’n’b … that’s totally alright… yet also not exactly meeting my aesthetic desires for when I spend a hundred dollars a night to stay somewhere.

I am glad how much I am thinking about money in very different ways than other eras of my life. I’m grateful it is much more flowing … and yet the tight fistedness of fear still lingers.

I am grateful to be connecting with my brother… and to meet with intense and difficult moments in our exchanges… and take breaks from interacting……

Tonight I am grateful for my dad and the various memories arising as he lays in a hospital bed across the country … in what state I’m not sure.

I am grateful that my brother has me to dump his rage on instead of answering my basic questions… even though it leaves me in the dark… maybe the dark is best… maybe that’s how my Dad feels… maybe I’ve been set up to empathize with him right now.

I am grateful I’ve practiced this before… connecting and being with… without physical proximity or phones or gadgets of any sort.


Tonight I am grateful for a flea bite on my elbow that reminds me to just do the things rather than wait.

I’m grateful for the sugar rush of lemonade and ice cream… and that my old habit of late night indulgences is in full swing… perhaps in the high sensation of dreams coming true… I am folding into outdated comforts that are genuinely hurting my body right now and I can’t Wait to lay down.

I’m grateful for beeswax candles.

I’m grateful I got stood up today for an hour, which gave me the opportunity to really notice my…

Tonight I am grateful for the sound of rain surrounding me… ant that it waited for tonight and left me dry while I slept on the beach last night under an amazing star filled sky listening to crashing waves and crackling fire.

I am grateful for steamy make outs after months of not kissing.

I am grateful for a sore back and an available foamy for next time.

I am grateful to have slept through the morning in my own bed and walked downstairs at the exact moment one of my favourite people delivered me a massive incredible tasting breakfast…

Tonight I am grateful for the few friends that I tell everything… not everything… but anything.

I am grateful to be heading into a new experience tonight with gold sparkles all over my face.

I am grateful for all the clarity rolling through me and onto paper and I pray for the willingness and anchored-ness to turn it public.

I am grateful for willingness to pray… to ask for help … from people and the Invisibles.

I am grateful for bath time with my little stinky face three year old.

I am grateful for time in the forest today with…

Tonight I am grateful for my hair that has brought such dynamic response to the products I’m marketing online. I am grateful to have totally naturally formed dreads even though apparently that is an impossibility … it makes total sense that I am an exception to the rule freak of nature no one will believe this truth about me character. I am grateful to be pressed to understand cultural appropriation… and to have someone actually stick with the conversation rather than make one comment and disappear.

I’m so grateful to get the opportunity to experience the message in the nonverbal…

Tonight I am grateful that no one is yelling at me because I rambled away from some daily practices I really care about maintaining. I am glad no one really yelled at me in general today.

I am grateful I actually did raise my voice with my companion today and I didn’t really like it at all. I really like having a dharmic relationship that is reflecting to me the incredible possibility of ongoing kindness and gentleness.

I am grateful to look disassociation in the face and say WTF.

I am grateful to feeeeeel the subtle but spectacular difference between…

Tonight I am grateful for the small headache wrapped around my third eye any the way my whole brain feels like it’s wincing forwards into this one spot. And how this one spot tells the story of my struggling relationship with coffee and long term dehydration and the comfort of being squeezed and all that wants to open up for me.

I am grateful for the scar on my perineum that has somehow entered many conversations lately and bares the proof that I literally ripped myself open to bring another person onto the planet. And how I am at odds…

Tonight I am grateful for my sore neck that tells the story of my commitment to sitting at a computer finishing my work… which is t actually the story I want it to tell… but I am grateful I mostly got my work done and tomorrow feels more appealing now that that is true and I did enjoy the work once I got going with it.

I am grateful that I stayed with the writing once I got going with it because I already witnessed myself many times this week get into a flow with it and then feel cheery…

Kelsey Jean Marie

electric embodiment expert EXPANSION GUIDE >>>> neurodiveregence & radical compassion enthusiast >>>>> DCFO 30 day challenge >> <<<<<

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